About Uncover

Uncover is an exciting resource that pairs a beautifully-packaged copy of Luke’s Gospel (a biography of Jesus from the Bible) with the questions, videos and resources on this website.
It is designed to help you engage with the evidence about Jesus that Luke presents.
In 2013, a group of university student leaders from around Australia gathered together and decided to adapt Uncover, which was initially developed by UCCF: The Christian Unions in the United Kingdom.
Since then, Australian students and staff have developed this version for use by the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES).
AFES exists to proclaim Jesus at university in order to present everyone mature in him. To find someone on your campus who can read Uncover with you, visit the ‘Respond’ section of this website.
To keep up to date with all things Uncover, head to our AFES Uncover Facebook Page. If you have any further questions or comments about the project, e-mail uncover@afes.org.au.